RV Water Heaters

There are a lot of RV water heaters on the market today.two of the best-known brands are Atwood and Suburban. They are two the best-known brands in the industry and can be found in almost every RV. If you have any questions in regards to parts or replacement water heater feel free to contact us@RVpartsdealer.com or call us at 812-932-2508.

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Finally an Atwood G6A-8E RV Water Heater Manual!

After searching the entire internet and not being able to find an Atwood G6A-8E Water Heater Manual I decided to add one myself. This manual is one that works for Most Atwood Water Heaters. The one thing I personally dont like about it is that its not model specific. Atwood Decided to make one manual for all the water heaters they offer, which is I guess is cost effictive for them but leaves us putting the pieces together.

Here are the model numbers I know it works for

  • g4a-7
  • g6a-7
  • gc6aa-8p
  • gc6aa-8
  • gh6-7
  • g6a-8e
  • gc6aa-9e
  • gch6a-9egh6-8e
  • g10-2
  • g10-2p
  • gc10a-2
  • gc10a-2p
  • g10-3e
  • gc10a-3e
  • gch10a-3e
  • gh10-3e

Though its not in the best layout, I plan to spruce it up to make it easier to navigate.  There is somewhat of a parts breakdown that I havent added yet but will hopefully get done today.  This is a work in progress but should help get you the information you need.

Draining Your RV Water Heater

After each camping adventure, you’re going to want to drain your fresh water and water heater so you don’t end up with skunk water. If this ever happens to you, you’ll only go thru this once. Flushing out water lines with a bleach and water mixture is a long and arduous process.
To avoid this problem, when you are packing up the camper to go home, simply turn off the RV water heater and let it cool for a while. Using an inch a quarter socket wrench, turn the annode rod end a half a turn, open the pressure relief valve on top of the heater, BE CAREFUL, there’s still hot water in the tank. After the pressure is off the tank, finish removing the annode rod to complete the draining process.
While the water heater is draining, open the drain valve on your fresh water tank until it is empty. Close the valve to keep spiders and bugs out of your tank.
In a matter of minutes both tanks will be empty. Remember to replace the RV water heater anode rod and close the valve on the fresh water tank. If you spend a little time each camping trip, you”ll save yourself a lot of time and heartache in the long run.

Better in some ways!

I recently blogged about the changing of the family owned campgrounds and the new fangled campers with the big slides. I for sure wasn’t knocking the progress we have made, I was just reflecting about the good old days. Someone brought to my attention about the evolving of cold showers to the installation of water heaters in most of the campers produced today.

Now a large amount of folding tent campers have water heaters—and a lot of them have showers. So maybe I am reflecting the good old days to be better than what they were. Especially since the progression has taken me off the ground onto mattresses and cold showers to hot ones. Atwood water heaters have went from pilot light models to gas/electric with automatic ignition models. OK, it’s getting better.

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The Good Ole Days

Welcome to our new blog and my first post about the good old days. I read a post from the Boston Globe that reported that family-oriented campgrounds are disappearing.  I was saddened by the fact that this is happening. On a recent trip to Arkansas for a family reunion I passed several old roadside motels.

In the days of travel when I was a kid they were a staple and today, for the most part, are history. Campgrounds much like the camper/rv itself has given away to what we now call bigger and better. Inside the rv are things like air conditioners, microwaves, TV’s, and satellite dishes, and the campground lakes are replaced with hot tubs and pools. I am all for comfort, but nostalgia makes me long for the days we sat by the fire and swam in the lake instead watching tv in the air conditioned camper with the big slide. I am not complaining about the progress we have made. I am just remembering the good old days when I could sleep in the tent and be able to walk the next day. Yes we are seeing the small campgrounds and campers that are primitive going away. Just remember they are going away—not gone. We should enjoy what we can while we can.

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Wildwood Travel Trailers

If you’re thinking about taking a road trip and seeing the country, while camping all the way, you need to have a look at Wildwood Travel Trailers by Forest River. For many people who dream of getting out on the open road and wheeling around the country can become reality. For quality and convenience and the amenities they offer we feel they can’t be beat. With a wide range of floor plans, including bunkhouse campers, the options are endless. Take a look at what they offer and configure one to meet your needs and you could be out on the road traveling safely in comfort and style in no time.

Wildwood Travel Trailers provide RV owners with the assurance that their particular trailer is built from the best available components from the wheels up. They are engineered and manufactured to the most exacting and stringent standards. No matter which version you choose, you can rest assured there will be years and years of worry free traveling ahead for you and your family. All of their floor plans are designed with your comfort in mind using the highest quality materials regardless of which floor plan you choose.

As a prominent player in the RV industry, Wildwood travel trailers pack a great deal of quality and convenience into every model. From the ground up, every model is designed on the basis of quality because to compete we realize that our customers have come to expect the finest components and the best design and engineering from our products. For people with specific taste, Wildwood travel trailers deliver one of the widest varieties of  floor plans that are built to the standards that have made Wildwood one of the most popular recreational vehicles on the market today.

For those people who opt to go camping in one the many Wildwood Travel Trailers available today, they will find that it is just like staying in a hotel. And for many, they find that it is even better because you can choose from any location from around the country, many with a water view! With the large spacious interiors, the whole family can stretch out and enjoy camping time in comfort. With such a large selection of floor plans to choose from, there is a layout for everyone. Each floor plan allows you to choose from many configurations that will fit almost every camping style. If you need a little private space away from the kids, consider going for one of the bunkhouse travel trailers for some extra room.

For most people the idea of getting away on a nice long camping trip sounds like a dream but with Wildwood by your side it doesn’t have to be a dream! Just pick one of the many available models at your RV dealer and they will your dream come true. So get started with making your dreams come true and be on your way to more fun than you can imagine. Pick an RV dealer you feel comfortable with and sit down with them to discuss your specific needs. This will help make your selection and camping experience more likely to be what you wanted it to be.

Don’t forget to ask about the additional things you will need for the camper and also to make sure you have the right tow vehicle. Having the right tow vehicle (if you are going to tow it) is one of the most important factors when choosing your RV. Best wishes and happy camping.

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Types of RV’s

There seems to be a lot of confusion when using the word RV and what it describes. It is my hope that this simple little article will help in understanding all that the letters RV encapsulate.

First RV is short for Recreational Vehicle.and is generally used to refer to a mobile vehicle equipped with living space and amenities often times found in a home. The majority of recreational vehicle will normally include some combination of a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and a living room. For many, the term RV represents a motorhome, but while that is true it also covers other types of recreational vehicles. The main categories would be Motorhomes which covers Class A motorhomes, Class C motorhomes, B+ motor homes, and even a couple of other areas such as the toy hauler motor homes, B class motor homes, and Super C’s. Then there are the Towable categories which represents travel trailers, hybrid travel trailers, toy hauler travel trailers, v-front travel trailers, work and play travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy hauler fifth wheels, low profile fifth wheels, mid-profile fifth wheels, high profile fifth wheels, entry level fifth wheels, luxury fifth wheels, and fold campers also called pop up campers.

For most people who opt to go the route of purchasing an RV their main reasons are to give them more freedom to enjoy everything from brief leisure activities such as vacations and camping, to full-time living in trailer parks. As you can tell the letters RV covers a huge arena of products of which I named above. When you add brands and niches to all of the above it becomes a giant. It is hard to understand and even harder to make a decision on what to purchase. Questions like what type would work best for me? What size would work best? What is the difference between the brands? Do I have the right tow vehicle? I know I want a towable type but should I get a travel trailer or a fifth wheel? Should I get a bunkhouse camper or a mom and pop style? Should I buy a Sandpiper Fifth wheel by Forest River Inc or a Wyoming Fifth wheel by Coachmen? Should I buy a wildwood travel trailer by Forest River Inc or an Autumn Ridge by Starcraft RV?

These are all great questions and we are writing articles almost everyday to add to our article directory. The decision on what type of RV to purchase rests entirely with the individual. Yet to help make that decision here are some things to consider. Do I want to drive my RV or pull it with a tow vehicle?  Is it going to be set permanently? If so definitely a Lodge park trailer would best fit this need. One of the best tips I could give is to visit a RV dealer and sit down with a sales consultant and talk your needs through with them or visit a RV dealers’ web site and look through the product and then e-mail them with questions.

I wish you the best in all your RV adventures. Happy Camping!

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Suburban RV Water Heaters

Most people rely a great deal on the water heater in their recreational vehicle and having a water heater in a camper is a luxury for numerous reasons. Maintenance on this item however, is needed on a regular basis and you will benefit if you do preventive maintenance properly. It can be performed by you or by a professional recreational vehicle dealership.  You will enjoy your trip a lot more without the hassle of having no hot water when you are ready to take a shower or do the dishes for your wife. If you need to replace a Suburban RV water heater you can change it with the same model, or you can upgrade it if you have one of the more basic Suburban RV water heaters.

Suburban RV water heaters for the most part come in six and ten gallon capacities. The main variation is if it is has a pilot light or an electronic ignition. Most people like to have the ability to have their RV water heater light with a flip of a switch from the inside of the camper. This requires the water heater to have a direct spark lighter instead of a standing pilot light. While the DSI is nice, it is a little more expensive.  Suburban makes a model with a standing pilot, and a DSI model, and also a gas/electric with DSI. If you have a Suburban RV water heater with a six gallon six gallon tank you probably want to stay with that size, but you might want to pick one to exchange it with that has a DSI option, or the electric (120v ) option or maybe splurge and get both. You don’t have to stay with the exact brand, but you need to check the opening size to make sure the one you pick will fit if you are splurging and making the leap to get a nicer one. Suburban RV water heaters are very dependable and you can get repair parts easily.

Your camper should always have a water heater that is working properly so that you can take showers or use hot water whenever you might need it and not be in trouble with a “I told you to fix it”. Whether you’re taking a trip for the long haul or just going away for the weekend, having a functional RV is going to make the experience much more enjoyable for everyone. One of the best tips I could give you is to make sure to test it before you leave on your trip. While this will not guarantee that it will work when you get there or that it won’t become inoperable while you are using it, I feel confident that it will for sure give you much greater odds for a great trip.

Here are some of Suburban’s most common models:

SW6P — — this Suburban is a pilot water heater

SW6D — — this Suburban is a direct spark ignition water heater

SW6DE —- this Suburban is a 6 gallon gas/electric with direct spark ignition

SW10D —- this Suburban is a direct spark

SW10DE– this Suburban is a 10 gallon gas/electric direct spark ignition

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Understanding Hardware Section of RV Catalog or Online Store

For most people who do a lot of shopping either online or through a catalog for all their weeding through the vast array of products and items and figuring out where to find the parts or products you are looking for can be a little overwhelming. Printed catalogs can sometimes be a little more difficult, while online catalogs today are offering a much richer user experience when it comes to searching for what you’re a looking for.

What you will generally find is that there are far too many things lumped in one pile considered to be RV hardware. There are almost unlimited amounts of items called RV hardware. Too often the vast number of products make it difficult to properly categorize products so providers find themselves including a number of products in a way that covers a wide range without being specific. An example of this would be hardware for awnings on the side of the RV and another type of hardware for awnings that cover windows and slide outs. RV hardware in a catalog is more likely to contain items such as cabinet hardware and window hardware.

Here a few of the things you might find if you looked in the catalog:

Hardware for cabinets in an RV such as different types of catches and latches not only for cabinets but also for bunks. Then it will have all the different types of hinges and cabinet door struts. In that section you will find in another group, hardware for RV drawers which are very limited. Items such as slides, guides and kits.

In the RV hardware section, but a different grouping you will find window hardware which consist mostly of operators and knobs. There are a tremendous amount of these but if your RV is relatively new it is easier to find the ones you have. It will be separated but this is where you find all the drapery and curtain hardware. To me this a bear but companies such as RV Design have narrowed it down to the most commonly used items which makes it much easier. Things like hooks, snaps, curtain tape, and so on.

Locks and twist knobs for your baggage doors look like there are a lot of them and there is, but only because of the lengths of the threaded part and whether it is lockable or not. Locks for your entry doors are in the hardware section and they are usually black, white, and chrome. If you have a travel trailer or a 5th wheel they are easily found, but motorhomes are a little more difficult.

Gas props for cabinet doors and bed lifts are there also and again RV Designs brand of hardware has come out with a chart that simplifies this for easier identification.

Awning hardware will not be in that section but will be found in the awning section by itself. There only two real players are far as having the majority of the market and they are A&E and Carefree of Colorado.

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What About a Bike Rack?

If you’re taking an RV trip and you need to bring bikes along, you’re not going to want to waste valuable space by putting them inside of your RV or camper. However, if you want to make sure that your bikes are safe while in transit, you should consider RV bike racks to help you carry and store your bikes. You can find a variety of bike carriers and racks to choose from, including different brands of bike racks, bumper mount bicycle racks, and more. There is so much out there to choose from that it can often feel overwhelming. However, if you simply take the time to check out your options, you’ll have no trouble finding what you need.

A question that seems to come up quite often with those people who are avid campers is “How can I safely carry my bikes on my RV or camper?”  As with any product, there are so many options and while there are products on the market that say they can make carrying your bikes easy, they are designed  more for use with cars and trucks and no such much RV’s and campers. Although the average bike carrier uses the a receiver hitch of most vehicles to secure them, a lot of RV’s and campers  do not have a receiver hitch which forces people to attempt to either modify their RV or camper to add one, or secure their bikes inside the RV or truck bed if towing. For most RV’;s and campers the idea of adding a receiver is not as simple as it sound and  is especially true if you are towing something like a 5th wheel where it may not be possible to store your bikes in the truck bed.

Take the time to consider all the different RV bike racks that you can find. There are plenty of options for all sizes and types of RVs, and it’s up to you to choose what works best. Ask yourself a few questions when it comes to choosing the right one, including:

-How many bikes are you going to take?
-What quality is the rack?
-Can you get to them easily?
-Do you have a unique bike style that needs a special rack?
-What do you want to spend?

There are a few different types of bike racks available to choose from, including bumper mount bicycle racks, hitch-mount, and bike carriers that mount in different ways. You need to think about the size and type of your RV, and the questions listed above, to see which one is right for you.

Take the time to do your home work before you make your selection and make sure it fits your needs. Whether you need to haul one, two, or four you can be sure that there is a rack that will fit your needs and your budget. You just need to figure out what you need and how much you want to spend at the least.

Lastly, make sure it will not void a warranty on your camper if in fact it is still under warranty!

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